Slang Names for Breasts

Jugs, hooters, honkers, knockers, funbags, boobies - whatever you call them - we love them

Here is an exhaustive list of over 100 slang names for breasts. Bet you know most of them! Take a deep breath and here goes :-

airbags, Blouse Brothers, babaloos, baby feeders, badoinkies, badonkas, balloons, baloobas, baps, bazookas, bazooms, bee-stings, Ben and Jerry, Bert and Ernie, blinkers, bombs, boobs, boobies, boobsters, bosoms, bottles, boulders, bristols, bumpers, busts, cans, cantaloupes, cha-chas, chi-chis, chesticles, chumbawumbas, coconuts, cupcakes, dairy pillows, devil's dumplings, dirty pillows, dumplings, flapdoodles, Fred and Ethel, funbags, gobstoppers, God's milk bottles, Godzillas, headlamps, headlights, head rests, high beams, honkers, hooters, hubcaps, jugs, kawangas, knockers, Lewinskis, love decoys, magambos, Mahatmas, mamaloogas, mammaries, mau maus, melons, milk bombs, milk jugs, milk wagons, milkmakers, moo moos, Mork and Mindy, mounds, muffins, Murphys, norks, nose warmers, num-nums, palookas, pillows, puppies, rack, rib bumpers, shabba-dos, speed bumps, sweater cows, tatas, the girls, the twins, Thelma and Louise, tits, titties, torpedoes, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, tweeters, tweakers, wahwahs, windshield wipers, Winnebagos, wop bop-a loo-bops, yazoos, ying-yangs and finally zoomazooms.

And that's just in English !

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