Holly Peers

Here at Big Boobs Direct, we celebrate sexy women with big boobs. Holly Peers is such a woman.

British beauty Holly Peers has all natural 32F boobs, she is 5 feet 7 inches tall, has green eyes, brown hair and her dress size is 10/12 (UK) and her shoe size is 6.

Holly Peers

Holly Peers

Holly Peers was born 30 July 1987 in Manchester, England. She began modelling aged 22 in December 2009 and has appeared in many men’s magazines, as well and many fashion shoots. Back in 2010, Holly Peers was the highest new entry in “Nuts 100 Sexiest Babes 2010” at Number 6.

Holly has been featured in the Sun’s famous Page 3 calendars for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Holly is definitely a true bombshell and has an hourglass figure of 32F-24-34.

As an aside, as a Manchester girl, she is a fan of Manchester City and has appears in the team’s shirt as a soccerette on Sky Sport’s Soccer AM show.

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Naomi’s Nice Rack


Naomi is a young and busty teaching assistant for a primary school in the East Midlands, this gorgeous 25 year old says “a lot of the mothers give her funny looks when they pick up their children, but I don’t care, they are all jealous of my great tits.”. This young teaching assistant sports an impressive 34E cup that certainly attracts the attention of some of her student’s fathers. She says “I catch them staring out of the corner of my eye, although some of them are practically drooling at the sight of them. I can’t say I don’t like the attention I get from these men.” we can hardly blame these men for staring, they really are something to behold.

Naomi says that her boobs do come in between her and her boyfriends both literally and metaphorically, she says a lot of her ex’s don’t like the attention she attracts from other men. “Most of my ex boyfriends got quite jealous because of all the male attention I attract when we go out, I will just have to hope my next boyfriend will trust that I won’t act on any of that attention.”. All we know is that if we met a girl like Naomi with tits like that we wouldn’t let her go quite so easily. This 25 year old teaching assistant is the epitome of beauty and has one of the best racks we have ever seen.

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Busty Billie

Busty babe Billie is a 26 years old hottie from Essex. She is a self confessed exhibitionist who likes to get naked and flaunt her huge breasts at strangers. She quite simply loves flashing her boobs to people, both in real life and on the Internet.

She says “Since my teenage years I was quite busty even then and I used to get a lot of attention from the boys. As i’ve become older my boobs have increased in size to now a 32GG. I love to flaunt my huge breasts so when I go out on a night out clubbing or partying they do come out to play or one of the lads gets them out.”

She continues “I work in a restaurant not far from the famous Sugar Hut on Towie, but my dream is to become a Hooters girl in America. I do glamour modelling on the side and get paid for getting my tits out so i’m waiting for my break to get noticed.”

Fancy your chances with this big breasted sexy brunette? Fancy getting your hands on her big jugs? Toodle over to Essex then. Alternatively sign up to the Big Boobs Direct dating site, and drop her an email.

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Hot News Reader With No Bra

Important tv tits coverage

Naked News, Albanian Style

Enki Bracaj is a hot 21 years old Albanian news reader who openly admits that she got her job at Zjarr Televizion station in Albania because she shows her cleavage on television.

Kinky Enki wore a revealing outfit during screen tests and after getting the job she has raised male temperatures by revealing more than your average news reader, and reads the news without wearing a bra, showing plenty of her ample bosoms. It is no surprise that ratings for the show have increased dramatically.

She is quite open about how she got the job, saying “So it was obvious that if I wanted to make it I had to be brave and offer something different. I checked first with my parents and when I found that they also supported me in my decision, it wasn’t a problem for me to go ahead like this. I simply found a way to put myself ahead and also to ensure that my channel gets the best ratings.”

Enki Bracaj not only has big breasts, she has also has big brains being university educated. It would be fair to say she has used her assets and good looks to her advantage which has helped her take the lead in a competitive industry.

Pictured above almost topless this Albanian big breasted babe states it’s not easy to enter the world of TV and defended her reasons to show off her assets whilst reading the news. A spokesperson for the channel said that Enki’s presentation style is very popular. No kidding, Sherlock.

This TV channel that has news readers with no bras is without doubt popular with its male viewers but there are also many other ways to enjoy the view of a good pair of tits. At the Big Boobs Direct web site you can enjoy many many single big breasted women flashing their assets too.

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Kinky Kerry

Kerry loves to show off her boobs

Kerry loves to show off her boobs

There’s no surprise that curvaceous kinky Kerry gets a lot of attention wherever she goes, with her whopping breasts. When she gets them out on holiday in a pool, guys get up from their sun loungers and wander over to have a closer look at her magnificent mammaries.

Kinky Kerry has big boobs, and she is proud of them, and she loves having admirers. On the Big Boobs Direct site, she can be herself, so let’s here what she has to say about herself.

“People ask me why have I signed up to a dating site it’s obvious why because of my big boobs hence this being called a big boobs site but they can’t believe I would need help finding a date. Yes men should be dropping at my feet and they do but it’s the wrong types who just simply love me for my boobs only which is ironic i’ve joined this site…I have a brain too (even though you wouldn’t think it) but I do like to talk about other things not just my breasts!”

She continues….

“I do have a kinky side where I like to get my tits out as much as I can at any opportunity. Once I went on a night out and I suppose the drink made me braver but I was in a bar jumped on the table and got my hooters out. Oh god I nearly got arrested for indecent behaviour but I think there were a lot of girls who were jealous and complained because they don’t have huge boobs like me.”

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Busty Weather Girls

There must be a rule that to be a female TV weather presenter wherever you are in the world you must have big boobs. These sexy weather girls show off their womanly curves and don’t leave a lot to the average guys’ imagination.

Bri Winkler

Bri Winkler

Sexy TV weather girl Bri Winkler is a KABC meteorologist, and she captivates the viewers in Los Angeles with her fantastic chest and here happy attitude to the weather. This busty blonde weather forecaster is very attractive so it’s no wonder she is on prime time TV with her huge breasts.

Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido is seriously sexy, showing off her cleavage as she delivers the weather to the Hispanic communities in America. She currently does the weather for Univision’s afternoon news magazine show TV Primer Impacto (“First Impact”). This brunette hottie gets the guys going most mornings with her figure hugging clothes showing off her huge breasts.

Yanet Garica

Yanet Garica

Yanet Garcia is a Mexican weather woman who likes to dazzle viewers with her tight bodycon dresses showing off her curvaceous figure. Her ample bosoms have many admirers which is not surprising as she is one beautiful busty brunette.

Lara Lewington

Lara Lewington

This is Lara Lewington presenting the regional weather for Northern Ireland on behalf of the BBC. She regularly wears tight tops that show off her nicely shaped big knockers. Even though it may be going to be wet outside, in some households watching it’s going to be wet inside too, as this busty babe sexy weather forecaster explains how heavy the rain is going to be.

Carol Kirkwood

Carol Kirkwood

BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood wears a sexy sleeveless dress which compliments the Scottish star’s cleavage. In the heat last summer it wasn’t just the weather that was hot as this sexy temptress delivered the weather forecast at Wimbledon. This buxom blonde wasted no time showing off her curves on the hottest day of the year. When she is around the BBC stands for Big Busty Cups 😉

Evelyn Taft is another hot weather forecaster in Southern California and she is a blonde bombshell with big breasts. We’re not sure if many guys are listening to what she has to say and are just completely distracted by her big boobs. Who cares about the weather when these big tits are on display, right guys?!

As the saying goes when it rains it pours but these busty weather women are a ray of sunshine an d they are on display every day to brighten up your day, lifting your spirits with their huge knockers. If you fancy finding your own busty babe who could turn your wet weekends into fun then why not sign up at the popular Big Boobs Direct dating site.

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Chelsea Charms’ Huge Boobs

Chelsea Charms

Chelsea Charms

American born Chelsea Charms has the world’s biggest boobs. They are officially a whopping 164XXX breast size. She has done many TV, radio and press interviews about her big jugs, and in one interview on TV programme This Morning she revealed that her big boobs were implants. She said that her huge boobs were created by three breast augmentations and she went on to inform everyone that one boob weighs the equivalent of two watermelons in a bag.

This exotic dancer from Minneapolis is of petite build at just 5 feet 3 inches tall, and she was asked if her big breasts gave her back problems to which she replied “No, not yet thankfully. I do a lot of exercise to take care of my back.” she also mentioned she always sleeps on her back.

When asked the question why she wanted large breasts she giggled “I wanted to get noticed.”

Chelsea Charms certainly gets herself noticed with those big hooters and it’s amazing how she’s not in discomfort with the huge size of those boobs. Being a big breast enthusiast she has no boundaries when it comes to the size of breast she desires.

Cleavologist and breast connoisseur Paul Hoskison said what many other were thinking when he said “I’ve never seen anything like it”. Like Chelsea there are many other women who want to enhance their breast size ‘to get noticed’ whether it’s for better career opportunities or self acceptance. Fake or natural big boobs always put a smile on the faces of big boobed fans on the Big Boobs Direct web site.

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Kayla’s Busty Obsession

Kayla want to increase to a 32G

Kayla want to increase her breasts to a 32G

Busty Kayla aged just 20, has a big pair of boobs, yet she wants even bigger boobs and will do what it takes to splash the cash to get to her ideal bust size.

This busty blonde from Rugby wants to boost her assets from a 32E to an absolute whopping 32G. Now some would say she doesn’t need to go any bigger but her fascination with huge breasts is not going to stop her having bigger breasts.

At the age of just 13 years old she watched Katie Prices aka Jordan’s on TV, and Kayla was bowled over. Kayla soon decided that she wanted to look like Jordan, and that meant having big boobs!

Kayla’s mother Georgia 38 encouraged her daughter, and helped her pay for her first boob job when Kayla was just eighteen years old. Kayla knows she needs yet more boob jobs, and now pays for the surgery herself to give herself bigger breasts. She earns money from stripping jobs and also a string of sugar daddies helps to cover the costs. In fact, she dropped out of school to become a stripper at the age of 17, knowing that she would need money for her boob jobs.

According to reports, she has spent over £36,000 on surgery, mostly on the boob jobs, but as you can see she is also keen on lip fillers; at the last count she has had fifteen rounds of 1.5ml lip injections!

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Sexy Sophie has Big Boobs

Sophie 37 from Suffolk is single and you can have some no strings fun with her via the Big Boobs Dating web site. This curvaceous sexy woman has certainly got big boobs and they are more than a handful judging by her photo. If you would like to get your hands on them, the first step is to find out more about what Sophie has to say about herself….

Sophie has more than a handful

Sophie has more than a handful

“This is a first for me, I’m married, i don’t want a relationship. My marriage has lost all sex life over the last 3 years and i miss/need it! I love my husband but it’s like i don’t exist anymore, I just want to see what life could be like wit no strings attached? If you plan on causing me any trouble do not message me, if however you fancy some no strings fun then please message me…. i’m in need of some sex and friendship!! genuine men only please no head cases!!”

Sophie is looking for saucy email or chat, Casual encounters, Discreet relationships, Threesomes, Same-sex sessions and Phone/Webcam fun.

Her interests include Night clubs, Fetish clubs, Adult movies, Visiting “Special” shops, Oral – receiving, Oral – giving, Anal, Mutual Play, Role Playing, Voyeurism, Cross dressing, Fun with food and even Orgies.

With an unfulfilling sex life she’s looking to give herself a boost in the bedroom department. There’s no Wonder Bra needed for this busty babe, so if you like Sexy Sophie and her shapely body simply click on her photo to get in touch directly.

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Annie’s Huge Jugs

It’s obvious why Annie 49 from London has a lot going for her, and here she is showing off her biggest assets; her magnificent huge jugs! What a truly fabulous pair they are, so let’s find out what this well endowed middle aged honey has to say about herself.

Annie posing with her huge breasticles

Annie posing with her huge breasts

“A happy and loving couple, not bi, looking for another couple to share some fun. Love outdoors and being daring, especially in public. Bit of an exhibitionist, I won’t reply to anyone more than 20 miles away, under 45 yrs old or over 55.
Im happy with my partner and won’t play without him.”

Horny Annie’s interests include swinging parties, visiting "special" shops, and she has been known to enjoy dogging too.

To get in touch with Annie simply click on her photo to get in touch.

There are plenty of other busty babes registered at the Big Boobs Direct site. Sign up for free and you can check out lots of women of all ages who have pictures of their boobs – some as selfies, and some as “normal” photos. You can search by age and area for a big boobed single woman near you, and of course it’s easy to navigate around the site until you find that hot woman with big breasts that really does it for you. So if you are a woman with big boobs or a man who loves women with big breasts, this site is absolutely perfect for you.

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