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Naomi is a young and busty teaching assistant for a primary school in the East Midlands, this gorgeous 25 year old says “a lot of the mothers give her funny looks when they pick up their children, but I don’t care, they are all jealous of my great tits.”. This young teaching assistant sports an impressive 34E cup that certainly attracts the attention of some of her student’s fathers. She says “I catch them staring out of the corner of my eye, although some of them are practically drooling at the sight of them. I can’t say I don’t like the attention I get from these men.” we can hardly blame these men for staring, they really are something to behold.

Naomi says that her boobs do come in between her and her boyfriends both literally and metaphorically, she says a lot of her ex’s don’t like the attention she attracts from other men. “Most of my ex boyfriends got quite jealous because of all the male attention I attract when we go out, I will just have to hope my next boyfriend will trust that I won’t act on any of that attention.”. All we know is that if we met a girl like Naomi with tits like that we wouldn’t let her go quite so easily. This 25 year old teaching assistant is the epitome of beauty and has one of the best racks we have ever seen.

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Nothing is more important to me than looking my best. My huge boobs really catch the eye of guys passing by. I enjoy blogging as its a great way to spend an hour or two after working out down the gym.
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