Boobs Text Messages

Here’s our quick guide to how to communicate about boobs in text speak …

(.)(.) Small Breasts
(o)(o) Normal Breasts
(O)(O) Full Handful Big Breasts

(@)(@) Big Nipple Breasts
(*)(*) High Nipple Breasts
(^)(^) Cold Breasts

(<)(<) Perky Breasts
(Q)(O) Pierced Breasts
(o Y o) Big Breasts

\./\./ Droopy Granny Breasts
( + )( + ) Silicon Enhanced Breasts
( + )( – ) Silicon Implants Gone Wrong

{ O }{ O } DD Cupped Breasts
(•)(.) Lopsided Nipples
((O Y O)) Very Big Breasts

If you have any more boob sms symbols to help others send messages about boobs on their phones, feel free to get in touch with us and let us know your boob text speak – or what some call boob emoticons for your mobile or cell phone. In other words, breast texting symbols, smileys or emoticons – we don’t mind what you know them as, but now you now how to send breast text messages.

We do hope this guide has helped answer your question how do I make boobs in SMS – or how do I make boobs into a text message.

Meantime, if you want to see the real things, toodle on over to the Big Boobs Direct website 🙂

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