Curvy Charlie

Big boobed Charlie has a curvy pair, at 29 years old she’s single and ready to find some adult fun with a horny guy or girl via the Big Boobs Direct site.

From Manchester and away a lot with business, she’s looking for some hotel fun. Find out more….

Fancy a cup?

“I am looking to meet hot guys/girls for hotel hooks ups. I love meeting new people and I love sex even more….I am away on business a lot and would love to brighten up some boring trips with fun times, drinks and maybe a fuck buddy encounter! :),”

I love being wined and dined and I can be a real tease when I want to! I am open minded and will consider meeting toy boys, older men and women too! I am looking for sophisticated, educated folk, who have a good sense of humour and are laid back.”

I am not looking for anything serious, just lots of fun with like minded people xx”

Curvy Charlie’s interests are many and varied and apart from hotel hook ups include fetish clubs, adult movies at home, swinging parties, S&M clubs, oral, both receiving and giving and also role playing.

To get in touch with this busty babe simply click on her photo and you can not only admire her big boobs even more, but you can get in touch with her and arrange your hotel hookup. Reminder, she likes boys and girls!

If you fancy looking at other big cup sizes get searching and sign up for free and bag yourself a busty beauty at the Big Boobs Direct site.

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Adventurous Amy

Big boobed Amy, 28 from Greater Manchester is a big boobed hottie and although she is sweet and innocent in her looks, she confesses that she has a naughty side. The question is do you want to find out exactly how naughty she can be?

Amy has big knockers

“I’m a very laid back person and I want to get out into the wider world and meet new people. I’m pretty open to going new places and trying new things – which is pretty much why I signed up on here! I’m really easy going and a fairly chirpy kinda gal. My friends always say I look very sweet and innocent but I definitely have a naughty side ;-)

“I love trying new things – had a go at climbing and windsurfing earlier this year, so I’ll try anything once! Haha. Music wise I’m mostly a rock and indie girl but with a secret love of a bit of cheesy pop (especially when I’ve had a few).”

“I enjoy hanging out at the pub with my friends for a few drinks. “I’m a science teacher in Bolton – I absolutely love my job, despite the fact that it drives me crazy and i spend all day every day shouting.”

Amy has got it all, she’s pretty, a brain, she’s got a great personality, and interesting job but most of all she has BIG boobs. To get in touch with Amy click on her photo or to find similar big boobed women sign up to Big Boobs Dating site.

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Racey Lacey

Lacey 22 from Greater Manchester is getting racey on this Big Boobs Dating site.


Lacey's whoppers straining to stay in her bra

This big busty single girl is hot. Find out what she has to say in her profile…..

“Looking for excitement, fun and a little bit of naughtiness.
Just want to enjoy the single life for now.
Stand out from the crowd, don’t just say hi, nice tits/arse… That’s not going to get a reply now is it.
Be unique :)”

“So yeah, I’m Lacey, 22 and up for fun…. message me, I don’t bite… unless you want me to ;)”

Lacey is looking for saucy email or chat, casual encounters, discreet relationships, fun with couples, threesomes and also like the idea of one night stands.

Her interests include clubbing, adult movies at home, oral – both receiving and giving, role playing and public games, and whilst her favourite position is cowgirl, she is ok with a bit of anal.

This sexy big boobed woman has nineother explicit photos – If you want a peak simply click on her photo and get in contact with her. This 5ft 9″ busty babe has long brown hair with unusual colour grey eyes. Her favourite sex position as we said is cowgirl and she is shaven for a smooth finish.

If you fancy searching for many other big breasted women then simply sign up to the Big Boobs Direct Dating site.

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48NN Big Boobed Kirsty

If you’ve never seen such massive breasts you have now with this big busty hot momma Kirsty who measures a whopping size of 48NN!!

Kirsty from Georgia couldn’t get a job as a masseuse in a health spa because of her amazingly large breasts but now she is using her knockers to great effect, as she uses them to massage people making her thousands of dollars a month. She calls her massage the ‘Happy Man Works’, which involves squashing guys under her gigantic breasticles and her 300 pounds plus body.

It’s a fact that the men who use Kirsty’s services like to be smothered with her big tits, with some clients oddly enough requesting to be hit over the head with her whoppers.

Big bosoms run in Kirsty’s family – her elder sister Denise was also a size 52NN until she had them reduced to a manageable H cup. Kirsty was a well developed girl from an early age of nine already being a size B, yet little did she know her breasts would just kept getting bigger and bigger.

She received many compliments from guys about her best assets. This boosted her confidence even though she had little confidence with her overall body size. She realized she could make a business out of her prized puppies so she popped an advert in her local paper advertising her big titty massage service. She started being inundated with calls so much to the point that she had to leave the receiver off the hook at times.

It’s safe to say that not only are big boobs good to look at they can also be an investment too, so as they say, if you’ve got it – flaunt it. If like Kirsty you are a woman with big boobies and want to gain admirers like her then give this Big Boobs Dating site a go. If you are a man who could handle a big rack you could also find yourself a hot boobalicious chick at the site too. If BBWs are more your thing, then check out the XXX Curves Galore site.

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Big Jugs Jill

Jill 33 from Clapham, London has a fabulous pair of jugs and it is no wonder she is a member at the Big Boobs Direct Dating site.

What a pair of whoppers!

She gets lots of attention with her huge bosoms, yet incredibly she is single. Jill is very pretty and does get loads of admirers, yet she is on the lookout for some male company. Here is what she has to say in her profile….

“Hi am getting so many messages I will try to respond but please be patient this site is crazy busy!

Hi I’m Jill and I’m single (divorced), no children, tall, brunette, blue eyes. Oh and this is Big Boobs Direct, so I should state that I’m 36FF but of course you like me for my personality and intellect…right?!”

Jill is smooth down below and is looking for saucy email or chat, casual encounters and discreet relationships.

Her interests include: Night clubs, Fetish clubs, Swinging parties, Dogging and Role Playing.

If you fancy this long legged brunette with big tits then click on her photo which will take you directly to her profile.

Meantime, the Big Boobs Dating site has thousands of female members – and all of them have huge knockers. Sign up and you will get to see many women like Big Jugs Jill. Alternatively, if you would like to watch some videos of big breasted women revealing their cleavage that we have produced then check out our Big Boobs Videos page. Cop an eyeful of many perfect breasts in very sexy bras and stunning swimwear, and don’t forget to give the videos a ‘Like’ or better still a comment too!

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Luscious Louise

Louise, 27 from County Durham has massive boobs and is a typical female member at the Big Boobs Direct Site. Why is she a typical female member? Because she has big boobs – that’s why!

Grab more than a handful

Here’s what the big boobed gal has to say……

“Im looking for people to have some casual fun with, I am generally up for anything. Ive been told I have an insatiable sex drive. Im looking for people who can fulfill my needs. Im a size 16/18 so if thats a problem dont waste my or your time. I love sex, love it love it love it and im always up for some fun, Get in touch.

Her tits are awesome so we don’t really worry about seeing her face, if her boobs are anything to go by she must be a hottie.

To find out more about this buxom babe, and get in touch simply click on the photo of her big boobage.

Meantime, Louise is looking for saucy email or chat, casual encounters as well as a discreet relationship and, cheeky big boobed minx, one night stands.

Her interests include: Adult movies at home, Oral – receiving, Oral – giving, Role Playing and Public games.

If you want to find other single women with big breasts you can search for them at the Big Boobs Direct Site. There’s plenty of big boobed women wanting to be fondled!

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Titillating Tara

Tara, 29 from Gloucestershire is a titillating temptress with a fabulous rack and we feature her today. Tara is very confident and upfront, a bit like her big boobs. She knows exactly what she wants, and here is some of what this busty babe has to say on her profile…

Tara has huge titties

“Well hello there…nice to meet you, I’m Tara. Very confident woman who knows exactly what she wants…in AND out of the bedroom. Due to being a workaholic and other things, I want to be able to arrange something a little more relaxed, so here goes this little experiment.

I don’t care how hot your cock is…I won’t be replying to any messages from males who think thats the way to win me over. Would take a lot to impress me anyway.

She goes on….

“I’m a voluptuous girl who likes her food, and have an arse you could park your bike in and rest your pint on…and would love to have a gorgeous young male service moi.

Look forward to hearing from you gentlemen..

P.S. Against my better judgement I put up a very cheeky pic…don’t know if it will be allowed but will see. x”

If you want to find out more about this voluptuous busty babe and see that very cheeky pic, simply click on her photo here. She has a number of revealing photos you can see, including one where she is wearing a saucy nurses outfit which make her tits really stand out.

Meantime, there are more big breasted women to find on the Big Boobs Direct Site. It’s free to sign up and get looking at many other huge knockers.

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Exhibitionist Emma

Emma, 31 from London is a self confessed exhibitionist that you can find on the Big Boobs Direct site.

She is single and looking for the real deal, a bit like her breasts which are totally curvy and are very much the real deal. This is what this sexy exhibitionist has to say in her profile….

She's as real as her breasts!

“Hi Thanks for reading my ad. I guess I’m looking for a guy that has a bit of brains as well as something in the trouser department. I am extremely broad minded so you would need to be able to keep up with me.

I am also a bit of an exhibitionist (as you will see from my photo) I am looking for a no strings set up, and basically someone to have some erotic times with once in a while.

“Well…….that is the hard bit out of the way. The easy bit is you sending me a message. No timewasters please. I am looking for the real thing. E xx”

Emma has blue eyes, long dark hair and drinks socially – if she catches your eye then simply click on her photo to find out more about her.

To find many more big boobed available single women who are looking for guys who like women with big boobs, simply visit the Big Boobs Direct Site.

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Saucy Sarah, 31

As you can see saucy single Sarah, 31 from Lincolnshire has a fabulous pair of knockers. You can find out a lot more about her at the Big Boobs Direct Site but in the meantime, we thought you would like to enjoy the view.

She is single and on the lookout for a guy, and maybe you are the guy for her.

Enjoy her full frontal

This red headed big boobed bombshell says this in her profile….

“Hot n horny :) discreet ;) gsoh, looking for fun no strings attached”

Get to know this pretty busty babe by clicking on her picture – she’s of slim build, has long luscious hair and likes to be taken from behind – Oh I say the saucy little minx and to think she has the face of an angel – not that we’re looking at her face much…right guys? :)

Blue eyed Sarah’s interests include: oral – receiving, oral – giving and anal, and as we have alluded to, her favourite position is rear entry, with her boobs dangling down.

What else? Oh yes, saucy Sarah is on the lookout for casual encounters, discreet relationships and one night stands. Yes, she is genuine!

If you want to know more about this big breasted beauty, simply click on her photo to the left, send her a message and find out if you are the lucky one who will get a big squeeze.

To find many more big boobed available single women who are looking for guys who like women with big boobs, simply visit the Big Boobs Direct Site.

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Sex with your Cereal


Sex Cereal Makes Women Super Sexy ?

There is a new cereal out there and it’s called SexCereal, and it comes with a promise that it will spice up your sex life.

There are two versions of Sex Cereal – one for guys; and one for girls – with both chock full of healthy sexy ingredients said to promote “hormonal balance” and sexual function. Men can chew away on a mix of bee pollen, maca, black sesame seeds, wheat germ, chia, camu camu, cacao nibs and an assortment of nuts and seeds, including of course oats. Women can happily chew on cacao nibs again, chia seeds, almonds, oat bran, sunflower, flax seeds and once again oats, amongst other ingredients. As such Sex Cereal can rightly claim to be “the world’s first and only gender-based whole food cereal”. All of the ingredients in Sex Cereal will help boost testosterone in men and try and create an even hormonal balance in women, especially big breasted women.

Peter Ehrlich is the guy who invented the sexy breakfast cereal, and he got the idea after attending a vegan food fair and finding very little that could be considered sexy.

Studying the ingredients of Sex Cereal will make you think. For the men, bee pollen will improve sperm count and sex drive, maca will increase the libido, chia seeds improve erectile performance. For the women ginger is a well known aphrodisiac, oat bran improves vaginal lubrication, flax seeds balance estrogen and almndsprovide zionc and vitamin E. More good news is that a typical bowl of this sexy cereal is about 200 calories.

You can buy a pack or two of this sexy cereal to see if it works for you – it’s quite expensive though at £10 or $15 per pack and they are available at Sex Cereal dot com.

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